How SpeedChains Are Different

Amy LinnenPresenting the Latest Technology in Physical Training!
For too long, training for the majority of all sports has meant spending endless hours in the weight room.

While there is no denying that some time in the weight room will help you build power, today’s players are beginning to appreciate more and more that the training they do outside the weight room is going to be what separates them from the rest of the pack. See the sample speed development program for an example…

The SpeedChains product develops speed, agility, explosive power, muscle endurance, coordination, fast twitch arm/ shoulder/ leg muscle firing, and reaction time. SpeedChain’s unique components include:

  • Products eliminate deceleration in directional change,
  • Progressive & individualized resistance by equal, opposite pressure in dynamic movement,
  • Resistance adjusts to individual without change of equipment
  • No Safety spotter needed, weights don’t drop.

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