Ron Wolforth from the Texas Baseball Ranch (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com):

I am asked every single week as to the secret of our success in enhancing and developing velocity in our pitchers. It may be instructive to note that we have produced 83-90 mph throwers since 2003. One of the secrets to our success is that we don’t just train the muscles…we set out to affect the neuro-muscular system. 

Our goal is to modify fiber recruitment, neural recruitment, and improve neuromuscular synchronization and coordination. And the number one tool we use to affect this change is the SpeedChains. From my perspective, you can keep your weight rack and much of the traditional weight room…just leave me my SpeedChains.

One of the keys to throwing harder is improving the efficiency of your movements…and for that…the Speed Chains delivers in spades. If you are a serious developer of power and speed, the SpeedChains is a must-have in your tool box in my opinion.


Scott Smith – Golf: Long Drive Competition World Record – 539 yards
“Competing on the world long drive tour requires me to train and practice daily. I have trained with free weights for years. I came across the Speed Chain products and was blown away. I have seen my swing speed jump up and my flexibility increase. It has created effortless explosiveness in my golf swing. I would recommend the Speed Chain products for all athletes regardless of their sport.”


Richard Dizon
“Throughout my life I’ve played many sports, from baseball and basketball to tennis and martial arts, and, most recently, golf, Since training with the SpeedChain, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement I my overall fitness. But more so, in my agility, muscle tone and speed—and that’s just in four months. As someone in his early 50’s, I never thought I’d get my quickness back and improve my golf swing this fast. My drives are about 20 yards longer. And if someone like me can improve, the SpeedChain can help any athlete to get faster and better.”


Parent Mose Tuumalo - 11yo
“Overall Dallas has improved in his bat speed, his quickness, flexibility, endurance and strength. I would recommend this type of training for anyone that wants to gain strength, speed or to lose some weight. This is a fun way to exercise and it lasts a life time.”


Mark Hannay – Javelin Throws Coach of Slippery Rock University
The Speed Chain has helped women’s javelin thrower Karyn McCready set a new school and conference record throw of 164 feet to win the 2004 NCAA Division II women’s javelin national title. She also placed 13th overall at the U.S. Olympic Trails.

“I’m absolutely sold on the speed chain training. Thank you for all your help.”


Gary Mamiya – LDA Member & Long Drive competitor
“I’ve been training for long drive competition for about 5 years now. I’ve been looking for different swing specific exercises in the weight room and also with training aids. In my opinion, your variable weight chain system might be the best training aid that I’ve come across. It allows me to train specific muscle groups not only for strength, but also most importantly, for speed and explosion at the right time in the swing. These are exercises that cannot be duplicated in the weight room or with any type of bungee/rubber band device. Since training with your system I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my swing power and swing speed (close to 140 mph and ball speed 190 mph).

Last week I won a local long drive competition with the help of your equipment. As a student of power in the golf swing. I understand the unique qualities of the SpeedChain. I hope that more athletes will discover, as I have, your program and all the benefits that can be obtained with it.”


Bob Sloan – Director of Instruction, Olympia Fields Country Club
I wanted to take a moment to inform you of my progress, and most importantly the progress of my students as a result of utilizing speed chains.

Upon receiving the speed chains I quickly implemented the prescribed workout program into my practice regimen and the regimen of my students. The results have been fantastic. Concerning myself, my club head speed increased from an average of 108.7 mph to 115.2 mph after using the speed chains for 2 months. Not only am I longer, I am more accurate and in control of the additional speed as the chains are developing my acceleration and deceleration muscles.

As indicated, more importantly, I have implemented use of the speed chains into the development of the players I coach with great success. Yes, the speed chains assist with developing increased speed and power, but I feel the real benefit is in the improved swing technique which results. The players quickly understand use of the big muscles and sustaining lag. The speed chains force the player to utilize the proper muscles in the correct sequence. As you are aware, this sequence is rhythm – which is timing. In my years of teaching rhythm is the hardest aspect of golf to teach, but is probably the most important.

Thank you for developing speed chains. As a result of my own increased power, I believe I have moved beyond the level of the strong set of chains. Therefore, please send me a set of the XX Strong chains. I will utilize the strong set for the players I coach as they develop in addition to the standard set I previously purchased.


Chaz – Golfer
My teacher, years back, taught me the correct way to swing the golf club. You have brought to the table the best way to seriously bring speed to an all time high. I just hope now we all can stay consistent with how to train, so all can be fully invested in speed and game.

B – Golfer
I have been training with the SC for nearly 18 months and with the TB for 13 months. My club head speed before I started training with Golf speed chain was 113 MPH – 115 MPH max. The last time I calculated club head speed average I was at 122.5 mph. Last night I maxed out at 129 MPH. My ball speed is in the 170’s


Frank Wilhelm III – Baseball - 14 yrs.
This training has helped me a lot. It has increased my bat speed and also it has increased the velocity in my ball. It really works. These chains have taught me how to use my hips more. Also it has increased my running speed. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. If you haven’t joined you should. It’s a guaranteed success.


Dean Sato – Head Coach, Hawaii USA Junior Olympic Baseball
Our homerun hitter Dustin used the speed chain for the first time and when he went up to bat on his second round his first pitch that he hit sailed over the left field fence. Was unreal and his dad was there to witness that.
Testimony: Softball


Bob Coolen – Head Coach, University of Hawaii Softball
Most of the items that you are using are state-of-the-art and have filtered into the collegiate ranks in one form or another. I know our strength coach employs the chains with our pitchers & catchers in the weight room. They are an integral part of developing leg strength & explosiveness.


Mela Moatz – Track & Soccer Athlete
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I have participated in sporting activities for almost my entire life, be it from hitting a golf ball around the yard to playing soccer at the high school level to pole vaulting in the W.P.I.A.L. Championships. Especially with soccer and pole vault, I have experienced a great amount of training that has comprised a large number of areas and levels. Much of this training included the dreaded repetitions of weight training and cones for speed.

Being given the opportunity to come to Honolulu, Hawaii from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the summer, I would be missing my soccer conditioning. I am not your typical teenage girl who wants to go shopping or to the beach daily. I knew I wanted and needed to do some sort of training to enable me to be prepared for my upcoming fall soccer season. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find and come in contact with Joel Flores. Beginning with an email to Joel, I learned of Joel’s speed training clinics. He explained his philosophy behind speed training and how different and diversified it is in relationship to all of the other training I have ever experienced; it entailed the use of chains. I decided to try this new concept, speed chain training. It is undoubtedly a change from any other training I have experienced. I was accustomed to a drill sergeant type of person who made me continue for hours upon end until I would be totally exhausted and my arms and legs felt like putty. However, Joel’s program is completely different. Speed chain training is actually fun with a challenge. The chains appear to look and feel intimidating and downright scary, but they are a new way to train for speed and rather, quite exciting and exhilarating. With approximately six seconds for each drill I was able to give it my all and walk away feeling stronger and not feeling tired and drug out. On the first day of chains I was taught the various drills I would be doing, giving me a taste of the chains and the philosophy behind the workout. As each day progressed, I got used to the routine, and each session was approximately a half an hour long. Unlike weights, with the chains, only a short time was needed to make me feel successfully stronger.

I noticed a difference the very next day in pole vault practice. My run appeared to be faster and I felt the strength in my arms I need to finally press and drive in the takeoff. It was amazing how quickly I felt a difference!

I would love to see SpeedChain spread; I would especially like to see it reach across the mainland to my home on the East Coast. I look forward to my soccer season and to sharing my equipment and newfound strength and speed and agility with my coach and teammates. I would recommend Joel’s program to anyone who is interested in a quick route to speed and a new way to gain strength.


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